Who Is Jeff Kaufer And Why Is He Running For Office?

Have you heard the saying, “I’m not from VT but I got here as fast as I could.”?

Born and raised in NYC and LI, I have always lived in diverse communities. Living in Denver, CO gave me a truer view of Liberty and Freedom and is considered the birthplace of Libertarianism.

If you are unfamiliar with it, Libertarians strive for freedom of the individual by restricting government much the way the US Constitution was designed.

Seeking a free state and a more rural setting when my wife and I wanted to move back east and closer to family, the only choice for us was VT.

Unlike some who move here, I came here because I loved the state and the freedom it represented.

It seems though that we are beset by those who want to stifle growth, incessantly raise taxes and restrict citizens rights. VT is losing people to states with brighter outlooks. It’s so bad, we’re now paying people to move here! How crazy is that?

I’ve held many jobs since I started working at age 16 to help pay for my schooling. I currently work for Concord Pools & Spas in Latham NY. I’ve been there for 15 years and have 25 years experience in that industry starting at some of the most menial positions working my up to Spa division manager and pool project manager overseeing some amazing inground pool projects.

My work in this field has taught me some great skills for analyzing and solving problems, true fiscal responsibility, while always keeping me grounded in the reality that you still have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

Like many people, when i get home after a hard days work and I see how our current state assembly overtaxes the citizen and spends our money so irresponsibly, I get upset. Don’t you?

All of these other people already in office or running that just want to give away everything for free obviously don’t understand basic economics. There’s no such thing as free. We the taxpaying, hard working citizens always pay for it.

We pay more for fuel. They want us to pay “carbon taxes”. Higher property taxes. When they raise taxes on business and add more and more regulations, WE the consumers pay for it in higher prices. It is always u.
What are we getting for it?

There have been a few questionable gun restricting bills over the last few years that violated the rights of free law abiding citizens. This made the gun banners bolder.

When the Governor signed a recent gun bill restricting the rights of adult citizens over 18 and restricting everyone’s right to properly arm ourselves with a ridiculous magazine restriction, I felt that the time had come to finally do something. A regular working person needed to step up and represent the rest of us hard working taxpayers. If our current representatives can’t respect the citizens and abide by the VT or US Constitutions, they need to be voted out.

I will stand up and protect your rights against all challengers. This will mean a lot of no votes. If a bill is going to take away your rights or cost you money unnecessarily, I will vote no on it. I guarantee it.

Thank you in advance for your support.