I will consider each issue in terms of freedom and personal responsibility. I will look for human solutions rather than government solutions when problems arise.

  • Gun rights are truly embedded in the basic human right to defend your own life. This right is protected by the US Constitution and the Vermont Constitution.

    You have my pledge that I will never vote to enact any gun control law. I will work to repeal existing gun laws as well. A Citizen’s right to defend their life should never be infringed.

  • Currently, Vermont property taxes are oppressive. We pay some of the highest rates in the country. What do we get for it?

    The incumbent Senators voted almost 100%  for raising taxes and spending.  More info:

    We shouldn’t be raising taxes on Vermonters, we should be cutting spending. A Tax Payer’s Bill of rights would allow greater control and protection of the taxpayers agasint politicians affected by the tax and spend mentality

  • Education is the primary concern of students, families, and the local community. Eliminate costly and unproductive state mandates that have driven up the cost of local schools. Oppose federal mandates such as “No Child Left Behind.” And Common Core. Enact legislation giving the voters and local school boards a greater chance to control public school expenditures through budget votes. Protect independent schools, religious schools, home schooling, and the right of parents in tuition towns to send their children to the approved schools of their choice, including the choice of non-public schools. Enact legislation to give parents greater financial responsibility for their children’s education. Loosen regulations to allow new, smaller, and more cost-effective schools to be created. Make teacher certification optional.

  • When our economy is doing well, we don’t need to pay people to move to our state! When we have a robust economy and job growth, people will stay!

    We believe in competitive free enterprise as the source of wealth for our people, jobs for our labor force, and the tax base necessary to support the legitimate demands of government. Confusing regulations and prolonged and often arbitrary enforcement has weakened the economic competitiveness of Vermont businesses. Identify regulations that are outdated and unnecessary, and secure their repeal. Identify regulations that ought to be rewritten, and rewrite them so they are strict in protecting consumers, business, our communities, and our environment, but certain in their requirements, reasonable in their demands, and swift and fair in their application. Adopt a regulator accountability act, by which one fifth of House or Senate can require that the legislature vote up or down on agency regulations on the record. Reform worker’s compensation to be more competitive for employers and employees to form a mutual, fair contract between the employer and employee. Remove local and state barriers slowing deployment of rural high-speed Internet.

  • Forget the euphemisms. I will work to stop government run socialist healthcare regardless of what name it is given: IE Single payer, Universal healthcare, etc.

    The Libertarian Party believes health care should be affordable and available to all Vermonters. We believe in a free market for health care. We believe health care decisions are between patient and doctor, not patient, doctor and legislature. We believe the path to reduce cost in health care can be achieved through expanding alternate health care options, increasing transparency, and eliminating mandates which increase cost without improving care.

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